5 Key Trend Boards: Summer 2012 - 5-trends-spring-summer-2012

5 Key Trend Boards: Summer 2012

With permission from Accessories Magazine

We created inspiration boards for the key five trends of the season: Sweet Tart, Prairie Dust, Classic Ease, Tropical Traveler and Disco Diva.

Sweet Tart

Spring/Summer 2012 Trend Board: Sweet Tart

Ladylike classics–boxy Chanel-inspired jackets, preppy sweaters, cropped pants and feminine dresses–might keep this girl sweet, yet it’s the quirky accents that make her sassy. Feminine details joined with mismatched prints bring this once stuffy upper society wardrobe a new life. Prepare for a refreshing palette jolt as shocking splashes of acid excite pastels and candy coated sherbet hues. Designers also take cues from an important societal attitude shift—the fresh face of royalty. As a new princess takes her throne she brings a modern and youthful twist to the classics. Heirloom jewels combined with thrift store treasures and new updated designs shift this modern day Park Avenue/Palm Beach society princess into eccentric elegance.

Prairie Dust

Spring/Summer 2012 Trend Board: Prairie Dust

Welcome to Pleasant Prairie, where free spirits run wild. Drawing inspirations from “Little House on the Prairie,” ghost towns out West, and outdoor music festivals to name a few, this “new Bohemian” is adventurous, tough and liberated. You’ll find plenty of rustic, homespun elements sprinkled on this nature-loving Bohemian’s accessories—turquoise and stones from the earth, woodgrain prints, desert florals, distressed suede, sun-faded leathers and antique hammered silver complement earthy tones of clay, sun-baked sand and dusty violet. Peasant blouses, ground skimming dresses in floaty chiffons, natural linens, crochet macramé, airy cottons and antique lace allow this free-spirited girl to float through the prairie hills and desert dust in comfort and ease.

Classic Ease

Spring/Summer 2012 Trend Board: Classic Ease

As tensions in our economy cause strain, fashion steps forward to create a much-needed release. A fresh breath of ease emerges as we see a liberating movement towards a minimalistic, classic, all-American style. This girl next door is squeaky clean, passionate about her health, outdoor activity and creating a balanced lifestyle. Inspired by laid-back California summers, designers were in a sunshine state of mind as they created youthful streamlined looks without sacrificing excitement. A breakthrough from the over-embellished fashions of seasons past, accessories discover a tranquil sense of refinement—one about simplicity and functionality, not logos. The color palette is kept straightforward, combining crisp white with primary hues in color-blocking techniques and bold stripes. The white shirt becomes a wardrobe staple all over again, and while this girl next door remains feminine, she borrows quite a bit of fashion from the “boys next door.” Watch out for this one—the new fresh face of the season proves that less really is more.

Tropical Traveler

Spring/Summer 2012: Trend Finder Tropical Traveler

As the season heats up so does she. This island hopping, nature loving, exotic girl draws influences from across the globe, especially the Asian tropics. The jungle villages of New Guinea, pristine beaches of Thailand, species-rich rainforests of Vietnam and tropical flora and fauna throughout Indonesia swirl into one, as this tropical traveler hops from rainforest depths to turquoise waters’ edge. Asian flowers, palm leaves and tropical fruit motifs are important prints as nature’s bounty is explored. Bright punches of splashy citrus hues create a vibrant color palette inspired by nature itself. Bold, statement-making accessories reference jungle tribes of the past, enticing the culture-curious, jet-setting woman of today. She has a zest for life and travel, celebrates global fusion and embraces the beauty of nature around her. She lives on exotic island time.

Disco Diva

Spring/Summer 2012: Trend Boards Disco Diva

This club-loving dance queen is the attention desiring, glamorous superstar of the bunch—a throwback to the wild nights of Studio 54 during the ’70s and early ’80s. She hustles and flows from day into night in slinky satin jumpsuits, and shows off peeks of skin though open-back designs, shoulder cut-outs, halter and keyhole necklines in a rich jewel tone palette. Big, bold accessories make a statement, especially in oversized shoulderduster earrings and mega-high platforms, while smaller scale club bags on chains allow her a hands-free night of dancing. Accessories shimmer and shine in metallic finishes and glossy lustrous finishes. She is ready to bring life back into the world, one dance move at a time.

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