What do you hope people take away from your tour?

An appreciation and understanding for the hard working business side that goes into getting the designers’ collections into the stores.

How do you not shop constantly while on your tours?

I admit I often do, just not while the clients are with me.

Your favorite symbol of high fashion:

Real couture (hand-stitched garments), and Japanese designers who embrace raw edges and unique fabrics.

Favorite fabric:

Back in the day, high-quality cashmere that would never pill, and was so soft you never wanted to take it off.

The collection you will never forget:

Sass & Bide’s Fall 2005 collection at New York Fashion Week. Their mix of sequins was just the right amount to stand out without being over the top.

Favorite jewelry fetish:

Hammered metal earrings

Favorite accessory:

My 17″ cotton Pucci hair scarves (silk slips out of my hair). I’m lost without them come summer humidity, plus the eclectic colors and patterns are fun as I never wear prints anywhere else, unless it’s a maxi dress.

Favorite color:

All shades of grey (from heather to charcoal). All shades of brown come in second (from camel to chocolate).

Ideal handbag:

Huge yet light, made of leather that’s soft as butter and distressed, with tons of pockets so I can be organized.

Favorite designer:

Rick Owens.

Favorite piece of clothing in your closet:

My tissue-thin chocolate brown velvet duster coat. It’s a one-of-a-kind made by Michele Lamy (Rick Owen’s wife) from when I was a sales rep for her collection.

Favorite international event:

Fashion Week in Spain with my husband. Although 35 shows in 3 days wasn’t easy.

The cities with the most style:

NYC & Tokyo.

Favorite films about fashion:

Funny Face, Devil Wears Prada and September Issue.

What fashion statements do you dislike?

“Prints are personal” and “fashion is my passion”.

Fashion Motto:

The fewer taxis you take in life, the more shoes you can own.

How many pairs of shoes / boots do you own?

Not enough. Did I just say that out loud?

What is your most treasured piece of jewelry?

My Art Deco antique engagement ring.

Do celebrity endorsements persuade you to buy it sometimes?


Heels or flats?

Heels (apparently being 5’10” (1.78m) isn’t tall enough).

Vintage clothing or new?


Do you buy for the name?

No, I buy for the style and quality of workmanship.

Do you follow the fashion brands on social networking sites?

Sometimes. I enjoy when they keep me intrigued with updates I won’t see everywhere else.

Jeans or skirts?

Jeans (ripped, preferably).