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The time is now!

You purchase your wardrobe seasonally, which usually means hopping a plane several times a year to go shopping in N.Y.C. And once you are there, the experience can be overwhelming. So many stores, so little time, such big price tags, so many bags to carry. It’s time to take the stiletto by the heel and …

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New York City Shopping Tours Before Valentine’s Day

Can’t find a thing to wear (in your entire closet) for your special date night with your loved one? Style Room Shopping Tour Experiences will take care of that.  We’ll unlock the locked doors to some of NYC’s top fashion designer’s showrooms and studios so you can shop for the same styles that Henri Bendel, …

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Pastels, Pastels, Pastels

With permission from Accessories Magazine Fashion is swimming in a sea of calm for Spring 2013, with pale pastels in all shades of mint, peach, lavender, pink and baby blue. With soft hues like this, it’s impossible not to stay cool and collected! Soothing pastel colors in an array of fabrics and exotic skins, tones …

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I Thought I Was The Only One Who Loved Surprises On The Bottoms Of Shoes

With permission from Accessories Magazine While high heels with red soles from a certain shoe company have been known to throw consumers into a tizzy, here’s something completely different to really make you want to kick up your heels. Images of her paintings—from Day of the Dead skulls to butterflies to lions to sea life …

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