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Designer Hard At Work On A Style Room Shopping Tour Experience

Most people go to a store, find that perfect necklace, buy it, wear it, get compliments, and smile ear to ear. That’s what makes shopping fun – enjoying what you buy and own. It’s special to you, and makes you happy every time you wear it.

But, where did the store get it? Who came up with the design? Where was it manufactured? There’s so much more involved vs just picking it up from a shelf and bringing it over to the cashier.

One of the most exciting parts of a Style Room Shopping Tour Experience is just that, it’s an “Experience”. You have the opportunity to meets designers face-to-face. See their studios.  See their design/concept/inspirational boards. See metals being cut, hammered, pounded, torched, twisted. See fabrics being cut for patterns.  The list goes on and on.

It’s a huge process before that style ever makes it to the sales floor of your favorite store. It’s months and months of hard work selling at trade shows across the country and globe to boutique owners and buyers, before a cut ticket is even placed with a manufacturer to start production. Maybe it’s produced right here in NYC, maybe overseas. Either way, it still takes perfecting till it’s just right before it can be shipped to your favorite store.

Makes you appreciate that necklace that much more I bet!