Druzies – May they never leave… - Nina-Nguyen-necklace

Druzies – May they never leave…

Reposted with permission from Accessories Magazine

Geodes and druzies have surprised us with their staying power…but actually we shouldn’t be too surprised. One, they’re gorgeous and each is 100% unique; two, they really show Mother Nature’s creative side; and three, we love seeing how jewelry artists continually interpret them anew.

Nina Nguyen, a Vietnamese-born, Florida-based jewelry designer, continues to put her unique spin on this lovely jewelry category, like with this stylish 18K gold plated and oxidized chain tassel lariat. Wear it tied, wrapped or folded in half with the ends looped through.

And if you want the technical story on druzies, Nguyen’s website was kind enough to spare us a trip to Wikipedia.

Druzy: Organically formed millions of years ago, these natural stones are tiny quartz crystals that develop within geode rocks or in larger pockets of mineral deposits. As mineral-rich water moves through the stone, it deposits new minerals into these cavities. When cooling begins, a crystallization of these minerals forms on top and inside of the rock.

And the best part? Each piece is handcrafted by artisans in Nina Nguyen Designs’ very own Women’s Co-Operative, Nina Nguyen Studio in Vietnam.

Retail, $220. Call 239-431-7480; www.nina-nguyen.com

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