Fleet Week Isn’t Complete Without A Little Pampering - BJ-and-Paul

Fleet Week Isn’t Complete Without A Little Pampering

Our service men and women work extra hard for us, so they deserve a little (make that a lot) pampering when they’re off their ships for a little R&R.

This Officer & Officer (make that husband & wife) knew exactly what to do when their ships anchored in NYC for Fleet Week. Shop & have a date night (make that date day together)!!! When they hang up their uniforms for vacation, they’re going to want to wear the latest trends.  And what better way to do just that when searching for fun things to do in NYC, than to have a Style Room shopping tour experience.

It was my pleasure to personally escort them on a VIP tour. OK, not going to lie, I secretly felt very cool to be walking down the streets with them as others took photos, smiled, and woo hoo’d for them. Makes me proud to be an American!

They also put us to shame at keeping their whites beyond white. A secret many fashion designers would pay good money to learn. But they’re not telling…