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I Will Always LOVE Hammered Jewelry

With permission from Accessories Magazine

I was beyond excited when I saw that my obsession of hammered jewelry was a trend. Or was I????? Wait, I’m a leader, NOT a follower! This can’t be!!! Now I can’t wear all of the way too much hammered jewelry that I have because it’s a trend! Oh NO!!!!

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit. I guess I can wear a trend this “one” time…but I’m certainly NOT exaggerating with the fact that I own way too many pairs of hammered earrings (especially earrings), cuffs, rings, etc… That’s a hardcore fact. There’s just something about the dinged up look that I just LOVE! It’s not perfect (and I certainly am not), so that must be why I relate to it so well.

But don’t let my confession and obsession of having too many hammered earrings stop you from giving me a pair as a gift for my birthday. I’ll always stay true to my one love that is now a trend – sniff…

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