It’s Summer in NYC During Winter - Trade-Show-001

It’s Summer in NYC During Winter

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So that must mean one thing.
That every fashion designer in NYC is setting up their booths this weekend for the big fashion trade shows featuring their Summer 2013 collections.

For 3 days, designers will present their new collections to stores traveling to NYC from across the country.  Their new collections will first ship to the stores at the end of April and May, just in time for you to plan your Summer getaways in style. Start thinking warm weather!

So it may be Winter in NYC but for the next 3 days, designers will want you to think beautiful 80 F. weather so the stores can choose their favorite styles for their Summer buy.

To fully appreciate the glamorous side of the fashion industry, you must first appreciate all of the hard work that goes into preparing for a trade show.

The blank canvas you’re given, the bare walls, the construction zone ahead, the blizzards that causes obstacles with set up are endless, but it’s all part of the excitement and fun.

At the end of the day, it’s all about selling your beautiful new designs to the stores, and walking away with incredible orders to fulfill your season.

For 11 years, I owned my own showroom (yes, Style Room was born as a wholesale showroom before I started my shopping tours) representing international and domestic designers from around the globe.  I loved what I did, and will always cherish what I learned (20 years in the industry in total – eek), my designers and my clients/stores who many I’m still best friends with.

But I must admit, I’m very excited to be walking the shows next week signing up incredible designers for my shopping tours vs the back breaking 10 hours of standing and showing clothing in 4″ heels (that’s me on the left inside the booth non stop showing the collections for 10 hours a day).

And I can’t wait to see the amazing new collections being presented.  I love my job!!!!

To see the incredible new designs I find next week, book your Style Room Shopping Tour Experience for a behind-the-scenes look behind locked doors inside designer’s showrooms.  You’ll LOVE it!