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Knit Embroidery Jewelry – Talk About Light As A Feather

Reposted with permission from Accessories Magazine

Paz Sintes’ “knit embroidery” jewelry is all about lightness. It’s not surprising, as this Barcelona-born designer cites “the lightness and freedom of Fred Astaire’s dance” as her inspiration.

The line of “textile jewelry” might have a mouthful of a name—Paz Sintes-Bisuteria Blanda—but the designs are easy and clean, stemming from her experience as an apparel designer working in Barcelona, Paris and Saint Petersberg.

Made in Italy, the collection is handcrafted using haute couture European fabrics and European vintage laces, guipures and “passementeries”.

“To me,” she says, “accessories are part of the clothing: they move along with it, and have to be light, bright, airy and soft.”

This long leaf necklace (47-inches, which can easily be doubled) is made with the signature knit embroidery technique. The leaves are then hand-stitched for extra reinforcement and the necklace is hand-dyed.

Retail, $310. Call 646-761-7954;

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