Mother/Daughter Shopping Tour Fun! - mother-daughter-shopping-tour

Mother/Daughter Shopping Tour Fun!

One of our most popular tours is the Mother/Daughter Shopping Tour.
What fun it is to spend a day with your other half. And by that I mean your mother or daughter.
The one who you smile with, laugh (giggle) with, gossip with, and of course…shop with!

Style Room offers a fun day for both Mothers and Daughters to bond over what we all love most – shopping.
I love seeing the daughters pick out amazing pieces for their mothers. Whether it be a perfect handbag, the “it” scarf, a pair of fabulous shoes, or the I must have those earrings, it’s all for the right reason.
To make sure their other half looks fabulous at all times. Or, it could just be because it’s always fun to “borrow” your Mom’s accessories and clothing. We’ve been doing it since we were little kids when we played dress up in our mom’s closet.  Although, now we are grown and can actually fit into our mom’s wardrobe.
A bonus as that means you get to own “borrow” double the amount of incredible goodies!

Book a fun shopping tour today, and double your wardrobe tomorrow.