Style Room NYC Shopping Tour Experiences

Why Book a Private VIP Shopping Tour?
On a Private Style Room VIP Shopping Tour, it's YOUR tour. You will not have other individuals you do not know on your tour while meeting designers face to face inside their showrooms and studios.

We customize your private shopping experience to your needs & styles. We will discuss your priorities beforehand to make your tour a memorable one.

What is a Shopping Tour/FAQ's?
A Style Room shopping tour is a 5 hour, private VIP shopping experience into NYC and Brooklyn's exclusive fashion designers' showrooms and studios.

On this private behind-the-scenes tour, you will be personally escorted behind locked doors only open to clothing and accessories store buyers, owners, magazine editors and stylists. Showrooms and studios are where boutique and store owners and buyers come to see designers' new collections months before they are produced for stores. They are where magazine editors browse when they're looking for clothing and accessories to feature on models for their upcoming stories. They are where fashion stylists come to pull items for their celebrity clients.

You will meet designers along your tour and see new collections being brought to life for next season. It will make everything you buy that much more special. The majority of the designers on our tours sell to Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Intermix and high-end boutiques across the country and globe.

On a private Style Room VIP shopping tour you will be brought into 4-6 different designer showrooms and studios (not stores). You can purchase current season clothing, handbags, jewelry and accessories (stock and samples) directly off the racks and shelves at wholesale, or as close to it as possible (40%-65% off retail).

Do you have any examples of how much I can save?
Handbags: retail $400-$850 (your prices $198-$350 on average).
Fashion Jewelry: retail $150-$600 (your prices $60-$250 on average).
Accessories: retail $150-$300 (your prices $60-$150 on average).
Women's Day to Evening Dresses & Clothing depending on your style, both contemporary to classic are available: retail $250-$650 (your prices $95-$300 on average).
Men's Suits, Dress Shirts, Sports Jackets & Coats: retail $1,500-$3,500 (your prices ($450-$1,500 on average).

Our designers sell styles that are perfect for lunch with friends, at the office, or even a black tie wedding. We discuss beforehand what your styles are and what you are looking for, and customize your private tour from there.

What is a private VIP shopping tour perfect for?
Girls Day Out
Husband & Wife, Boyfriend & Girlfriend
Anniversary Celebrations
Birthday Celebrations
Mother & Daughter
Sweet 16
Families Visiting NYC
Tourists / Locals
Spousal Events and Incentive Programs

How long does an average tour last?
About 5 hours.

On A VIP Walking Tour, how much walking is there?
We usually walk within a 4 block radius of the different Fashion Center/Garment Districts to make it easy for everyone.

When are tours available?
As designers usually keep regular office hours, showrooms are only open Monday through Friday. While Saturdays can be arranged for special events and tours (minimum 10 guests), part of the shopping tour "experience" is seeing the showroom operating during regular business hours.

Where do we meet our tour leader?
Depending on the tour you choose, you will either be picked up in your luxury limousine or vehicle directly at your hotel or apartment, or you will meet in the lobby of the first showroom stop. Details will always be sent to you prior to the tour.

What should we wear?
As this is a tour, comfortable "fashionable" shoes are always a must (please no sneakers or running shoes). You are in the famous NYC fashion district, not bargain basement shopping. Designers and their sales team always look fashionable. And looking and feeling good is always vital when trying on beautiful clothes and accessories. Please note that if you normally wear shapewear such as Spanx, you may want to wear or bring that with you when trying on clothing so you can see exactly how it fits before purchasing.

What kind of merchandise can we expect to find on the tour?
Brand new current stock and never-worn samples. We have a very extensive list of categories from jewelry (fashion to fine), handbags, accessories, dresses (day & evening), women's clothing (contemporary, classic, dressy and casual) men's clothing (business attire is my #1 request).

Can I return/exchange merchandise after the tour to the showrooms?
No. All items are final sale as you are getting exclusive discounts directly from the designer as my client.

Can I contact the designer directly after a tour to still get the Style Room discount?
No. You will pay full retail, or the price off their website.

Do we know which designers will be on the tour ahead of time?
We do not provide that information as designers do not advertise selling directly to consumers in their showrooms. But looking at our photos gives you an incredible idea of the beautiful designs offered. "Like" Style Room on Facebook to get updates on new merchandise. Also, part of this tour is to introduce you to designers you might not have heard of, but are featured in all of the top fashion magazines. Thinking out of the box and learning about emerging designers is part of the fun.

Can we request particular designers / categories to shop during the tour?
Absolutely, but it's not guaranteed that designer is on my tour. We always have a wonderful assortment of categories & designers for each tour so you are happy.

Are credit cards accepted?
Yes. We try to only work with designers who accept credit cards to make it convenient for you. But it's always a good idea to have some cash on hand with you. Checks are not accepted.

***It is highly recommended that you contact your credit card companies before this tour to advise them that you may be doing more shopping than normal so they do not freeze your credit cards.

What is the tour cancellation / refund policy?
We do not offer refunds. You will always be able to use your credit towards a future tour should you not be available last minute.


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