Style Room NYC Meets TLV Style Israel - Galit-and-Karen

Style Room NYC Meets TLV Style Israel

I was recently friended on Facebook by a Shopping Tour company out of Tel Aviv. So when I was flown out by the Fashion Collective a few weeks ago to meet with 8 emerging Israeli designers who are looking for sales agents in the USA (no, I’m not coming out of retirement to rep their lines, although I should, as my clients of over 20 years will flip over their incredible designs) I couldn’t wait to meet her. To my surprise, we lead almost parallel companies and lives! Style Room Shopping Tour Experiences meets TLVstyle

We’re both 5’10”, have brown hair, talk up a storm, have both been in the fashion industry repping Israeli designers, and both lead shopping tours where the average person gets to meets fashion designers, and see some of the behind-the-scenes of the fashion industry.

The only thing I can think of that’s different between us (aside from that she’s thinner than me & speaks Hebrew), is that I bring my guests up into office buildings in NYC’s Fashion Districts on high floors into designer’s showrooms and studios, where Galit of TLVstyle had a driver escort her guests down small hidden roads and neighborhoods in Tel Aviv into designer’s bohemian small, cool stores where the average person would never know to go on their own.

Next time you’re planning your trip to Tel Aviv, make sure you plan a day with Galit. I can’t wait to spend a full day with her next time!

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