What is a Style Room Shopping Tour Experience? - shopping-tour-experience

What is a Style Room Shopping Tour Experience?

A Style Room shopping tour is a 3-hour, “insider shopping experience” into NYC’s exclusive fashion showrooms.

On this behind-the-scenes tour, you will be personally escorted into a private world open only to clothing and accessories store buyers, owners, magazine editors and stylists. Showrooms and studios are where boutique and major store owners and buyers come to see the designer’s new collections months before they are produced for stores. They are where magazine editors shop when they’re looking for clothing and accessories to feature on models for their upcoming stories. They are where fashion stylists come to shop for their celebrity clients.

On a Style Room personal shopping tour you will be brought into 4-5 different designer showrooms and studios where you can purchase current season clothing, handbags, jewelry and accessories (stock and samples) directly off the racks and shelves at wholesale and below (65%-80% off retail).

You will meet designers along your tour and see new collections being brought to life for next season. It will make everything you buy that much more special! The majority of the designers on our tours sell to Henri Bendel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and high-end boutiques across the country and globe.