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Here Comes the Bride

The wild, up-all-night bachelorette party has grown tired. It’s time for a new twist on celebrating your best friend’s upcoming big day. Say bon voyage to “bride-to-be” tees and drinking games and book a flight for a VIP shopping experience in NYC with Style Room. After she locks down her dress, pack her up and …

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New York City Shopping Tours Before Valentine’s Day

Can’t find a thing to wear (in your entire closet) for your special date night with your loved one? Style Room Shopping Tour Experiences will take care of that.  We’ll unlock the locked doors to some of NYC’s top fashion designer’s showrooms and studios so you can shop for the same styles that Henri Bendel, …

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Trending: Raw Stones Still All The Rage

With permission from Accessories Magazine The changing seasons tend to reflect the natural world and your accessories should too. This fall, designers adorn accessories in raw gemstones of all sizes, textures and colors. The gems may be unfinished, but they are a perfect way to finish off your look. Where to Find It (Sponsored):

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Knit Embroidery Jewelry – Talk About Light As A Feather

Reposted with permission from Accessories Magazine Paz Sintes’ “knit embroidery” jewelry is all about lightness. It’s not surprising, as this Barcelona-born designer cites “the lightness and freedom of Fred Astaire’s dance” as her inspiration. The line of “textile jewelry” might have a mouthful of a name—Paz Sintes-Bisuteria Blanda—but the designs are easy and clean, stemming …

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